Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday Extravaganza!!!

The Bunchionary prides itself on itself on its political coverage, and by committing itself to buy a copy of tomorrow's Los Angeles Times, will in so doing spend more on political coverage than LA's paper of record (if you discount LA Weekly).

That is why the Bunchionary is proud to bring you the following: a list of United States Presidents by intrinsic comedy value. You may ask why the Bunchionary would break one of its central tenents and actually discuss politics, but as long as we keep the discussion centered around presidents who have been out of office for more than fifty years we can avoid scorched earth politics and instead discuss how funny William Howard Taft remains almost one hundred years later.

How funny is Taft?

Taft once sent a telegram to Washington, D.C. that read, "Went on a horse ride today; feeling good;" Secretary of War Elihu Root replied, "How's the horse?"

Don't forget to vote.


Anonymous said...

Great to see the Bunchionary is back up and running! How Clinton is not number one is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

I would definitely put Reagan higher on the list. Seriously, don't you remember that video for the Land of Confusion by Genesis? High-larious. Or, his movie with that monkey? Or, how about joking that he was going to start bombing the Soviets during a mic check? Nothing says comedy like your president threatening thermonuclear war!